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  • Online Travel Portal


  • Advanced Search Custom Listings and Google Map Integration
    • Hotel Search (Region,HotelName)
    • Hotel Filtering (Price,Pansion,Star,Rating,Properties,TypeSubRegion)
    • Custom Hotel Listing   (List, Card, Map)
    • Flight Search
    • Flight Filtering (Price,Duration,Airways,Stops,FlightTime)
    • Custom Flight Listing (Arrival Departure List, CombinedList)
    • Tour Search  (Region, Dates)
    • Advanced Tour Filtring
    • Custom Tour Listing
    • Transfer Search
    • Transfer Filtering (VIP, Disabled,Overlugged)
    • Custom Transfer Listings
    • Car Rental Search
    • Advanced Car Rental Filtering
  • Dynamic Packaging
    • Hotel+Transfer+Flight and Car Basket
    • Easy and fast Guest Info Entry
    • Use Of Promotion and Discount Code
    • Several payment options
    • EMail and SMS Confirmation
    • Call Me Logs
    • Basket Memory, Prinnting and Email Sending
  • Individual and Corporate Login
  • Dynamic Home Page Design,
  • Credi Card Integration, 3D ve SSL Support
  • Multi language and Multi Currency Support
  • IP Based Pricing
  • Advanced SEO Support
  • Mobile Support
  • Social Media Support


  • Current XML Integrations

Expedia, Amadeus, Car Trawler, HolidayTaxis, HotelAdvisor, TripAdvisor, Meeting Point


  • Hotel Management

Hotel Reservations,  Hotel,  Contract Details,  Availabilities,  Definitions,  Room Types,  Board Types,  Rate Types,  Contracts,  Agencies,  Extra Services,  Discounts and Promotions,  Discount Combinations,  Markets and Countries,  Hotel Properties,  1HotelAdvisor Payments,  Agreements,  Payment Plan,  AgreementTypes,  Hotel Agreements


  • Flight Management

Waiting Reservations,  Sold Reservations,  Cancel Request Reservations,  Aborted Reservations,  Cancel Complete Reservations,  All Reservations,  Flights,  ,  Definitions,  Tour Operators


  • Transfer Management

Transfer Reservations ,  Definitions,  Garages,  Area Definitions,  Vehicle Types,  Pricing


  • Tour Management

Reservations,  Tour Definition,  Tour Properties


  • Operation Management

Operation Planning,  Operations Planned,  Resource Allocation,  Resources,  Basic Definition (all),  Vehicle Definition,  Guide Definition


  • Extra Services Management

Extra Services,  Service Prices,  Service Providers,  Service Types


  • Medical Services Management

Reservations,  Hospitals,  Definitions,  Certifications,  Doctors,  Facility Details,  Insurances,  Treatments,  Contact Requests


  • CRM - Guest Management

Guests,  Guest Settings,  Guest VIP Types,  Guest Occupations,  Guest Titles,  Guest Preferences,  Survey Questions,  Email System,  Email Group,  Email User,  Sent Emails,  Sent Group Emails,  Templates


  • Accounting

Accounting Plan,  Account Transactions,  Account List,  Payment List,  Payment Plan,  All Payments,  Payment Plan Type,  Cash and Bank,  Invoice BABS Form,  Cash and Bank Processes,  Collection to Pay Desk,  Payment from Pay Desk,  Collection to Bank,  Payment from Bank,  Debit Note,  Credit Note,  Instalment Collection,  Instalment Payment,  Bank Transfer,  Cheque and Note Processes


  • Portal Standards

Standard Airlines,  Standard Aircrafttype,  Expedia Airports,  Expedia Cities,  Hotel Standards,  Standard Roomtypes,  Transfer Standards,  Standard Vehicle Types,  Hospital Standards,  Standard Certifications,  Standard Facilities,  Standard Facility Details,  Standard Specialities,  Standard Treatments,  Standard Insurences,  Tour Standards,  Standard Tour Properties


  • Payment Management

Using Payment Gateways,  Transactions


  • Settings

Reports, System Analysis, SQL Reports, General OTA Settings, Unconfirmed Res List, Portal SEO, Portal SEO Snapshots, Portal Office, Error Follow, Languages, Countries, Cities, Regions, Discount Types, Rate Discount Groups, Categories, Concepts, Configuration Parameters, Reservation Note Types, System Extra Service Units, System Bed Types, System Board Types, System Currencies, System Currency Rate, System Room Types, System Time Zones, System View Types, System Room States,  System Hotel Properties, System Room Properties, System Email Status, Payment Gateways, Hotel Groups, System Channel Managers, System Channels, Security Settings, Users, Roles, Role Details, System Logs, System Error Logs, Suggestions-Requests, Table Rowcounts


  • Translation Settings

Translations (Popup Edit), Translations (Inline Edit Short), Translations (Inline Edit Full)


  • Portal Settings

Web Pages, Portals, Portal Configuration, Portal Providers, Videos, Photos, Portal Branches, Portal Sellers, Users

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